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How Recreational Cannabis Is Different from Medical Marijuana

If you are thinking of buying medical marijuana based on recommendation of any doctor then it is possible that you are wondering whether recreational marijuana can also serve your purpose or not.

Since, all these years’ people believed that the use of marijuana is an illegal activity and hence there may be many questions crossing your mind about the differences between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

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What medical marijuana actually is?

Marijuana plant consists of more than 100 different chemicals however among them cannabinoids or CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the only two chemicals that are used for medical treatment. However, FDA still does not recognize it as medicine.

CBD does not usually produce any kind of psychoactive effects while THC does.

What recreational marijuana is?

Usually, the pot used for recreational purpose has high amount of THC present in it which is much more than any medicinal THC may contain. Therefore, recreational marijuana offers “high” effect.

Basic differences between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana

Various differences between these two types of marijuana are as follows.

  1. Medical weed contains higher CBD than recreational

When you consume medical marijuana, then you do not feel “high” which is associated with recreational variety. Though there is no basic difference between flowers and concentrates of both types.

Usually medical edible potency of medical marijuana is higher than recreational marijuana.

  1. Recreational weed contains higher THC than medical

People usually take recreational marijuana to get the “high” effect rather than the benefits obtained from marijuana.

  1. You need doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana

Anyone can buy recreational marijuana however, you must have required qualifying condition for buying medical marijuana like medical recommendation, and which must be regularly renewed.

  1. No recommendation needed for recreational marijuana

If buying marijuana is legally allowed in your state then you may visit any recreational dispensary to buy what you want provided you have attained required minimum age.

You need not produce any medical card for buying recreational variety.

  1. To obtain medical marijuana from dispensary it is necessary to be 18 and above

For buying medical marijuana it is mandatory that you must be at least 18 and above. However, under certain circumstances even people below 18 years can also apply for medical marijuana card.

Rules may vary from one state to the other and hence it is necessary to do proper research.

  1. You must be above 21 to buy recreational marijuana

In states where the use of marijuana is legal, you need to prove that you are above 21 then you may easily obtain the drug by simply showing your driver’s license to buy it.

  1. From regulated dispensary you may buy medical marijuana

From any medical dispensary you can obtain medical weed for you.

  1. You can only buy recreational pot if they are legally allowed in your state

If your state has been legally banned use of marijuana then you can buy recreational weed wherever it is easily available.

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