Top Reasons to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Many cannabis growers still abstain from using autoflowering seeds, even though the reviews are good. Actually, the subpar performance of autoflowering seeds in its first generation is still disturbing these people. Actually, today the weed has developed a lot, so you can try considering them in the current season.

What actually is autoflowering cannabis?

Ruderalis are used to produce a cannabis strain that grows and flowers independently and not as per its photoperiod. It means flowering depends on age and not light schedule. The light conditions differ in Central Asia, where Ruderalis originate. Autoflowering plants can be harvested much sooner than the photoperiodic cannabis plants. Patients seeking symptom relief need to choose autoflower seeds Canada because CBD concentration is high in their genetics. Let’s study the top reasons to grow autoflower cannabis plants.

Harvest sooner

The lifespan of autoflowering cannabis is shorter than its counterparts. Photoperiodic plants take 4+ months to mature, while autoflower strain is ready to harvest in 8 to 10, post germination. Soon harvest time is actually an asset because several crops can be grown rather than one.

Harvest more yield

You can get two harvest in a single season, especially where the summers are short and winters are cold.

Continuous harvest

Well-suited for continuous harvest because clones can be produced. Need for mother is removed because flowering is independent. Plants can be grown in same room. You can start growing some plants then as soon as they start to flower, plant some more. As soon as the first one gets harvested, the next seeds can get planted. Plant quantity will depend on the growing space. It means you can harvest 4 to 6 times in a year.

Less stress

As the autoflower seeds hold robust ruderalis genetics, it is easy to grow. Ruderalis are used to harsh climates, so they can tolerate colder climates, naturally. New cannabis breeders can try and sharpen their breeding skills on autoflower cannabis before they opt for a picky strain.

Easily manageable size

The height does not increase more than 1 to 1.2 m, so is a great option for indoor as well as outdoor growers. Their short size even makes it possible to be grown in cupboards, in garden beds or on balconies.

Suitable for stealth growing

You even get a well concealed stealthy plantation with autoflowering strains. Breeders can conceal their outdoor crops from curious neighbors or thieves or the police. It can be concealed among other plants or tomato plants even if it is grown on the balcony or terrace.

No issues with city lights or light leaks

Light cycle need is averted because autoflowers will even flower with 24 consistent light or even in darkness. They flower automatically, when they age.

Better resistance

Autoflower plants have great resistance to climatic conditions as well as diseases. It can easily resist mold, pests, pathogens and fungi. If these things are troubling you then consider autoflowering strain to save the stress and worries. They can even handle over or under feeding because of their strong ruderalis genetics.

Rapid development in autoflower seeds is a sign for better cannabis future!

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