Why Escorts Cannot Be A Threat To Wives?

Men in general, especially the successful ones often prefer to stray away and break their marriage vows and get entangled with some other women. Wives are also aware of that and so she tries to keep a watch on the behaviour of her husband to identify whether he is cheating on her or not.

If men visit commercial sex workers then wives don’t feel as much threatened as if their men were having an affair with a secretary or some other woman who is really interested in her husband.

However, escorts provided by the are quite professional adult entertainer. Wives need not feel threatened in case their men often use their services. Following are the few reasons to support this statement.

  1. Escorts never wish to marry their client

Wives feel most threatened if the other women have a desire to replace her but with the escorts this is very rare as they are professional adult entertainer and least interested in marriage.

      2. No chance of sexually transmitted disease

Having sex with escorts will be quite safe as they never allow any unsafe sex. Hence wives have nothing to worry about sexually transmitted disease in case their husband often calls escorts.

      3. A professional deal

If your husband is often seeing an escort then you need not worry about your marital breakup because they are quite professional. The deal they make with your husband is purely on professional terms.

      4. Married sex is different from escort sex

Quite often in a marriage relationship, sex starts to get too boring or even begins to fade away. An escort can always provide a new experience to spice up his sex life, so a wife need not feel threatened.

      5. Different fetishes

Men usually have many sexual fantasies that most wives cannot often meet. Escorts can fulfil such dark fantasies as they are paid for that. Moreover, they are smart in fulfilling desires of many different kinds of men.

      6. Controlled expenses

Men may spend few hours with an escort and will have to pay certain fees as well as few gifts. However, if he has any girl-friend then that can be much more expensive as compared to visiting to any escorts.

      7. Limited drama

With escorts there is no chance of getting a phone call from her in the middle of the night and disturb the family. So, wives can relax if their husband is seeking escort service.

      8. Escort will never like to fall in love

Last thing that escort will like is to fall for their client and therefore wives need not feel threatened if their husband often seeks service from any escort.

      9. Escort provides an outlet

There are many things that man may not like to share with their wives due to many reasons, however with a stranger like an escort he can say anything, so as to get mentally relaxed.

      10. Escort can improve the morale

Escorts can often boost the sagging morale of men who may be too frustrated in his life. She can be a useful emotional outlet for him.

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