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How to Identify the Different Marijuana Types?

Several marijuana types are available and are popular by many names. For newbies these seem like totally different drug. Actually, it is the same drug but prepared in different ways and contain same psychoactive compounds. Marijuana differs in respect to strains potency, technique applied to prepare it and even how it is administered. This is the reason why one user’s experience of using marijuana totally differs from others.


Weed is unprocessed marijuana form. It is a recreational cannabis form used to smoke and obtain THC high. Weed includes the buds and leaves of female Cannabis sativa and indica plants. The preparation technique is curing and drying of buds and leaves.

At times, contaminants like psychoactive drug is sprayed on the weed to improve a stale or poor-quality marijuana. Scammers may even spray male cannabis plant leaves, which have no THC compound but allows them to earn cash scamming buyers.

How to identify….

  • Looks like greenish herbal lumpy mixture.
  • It has pungent and familiar odor you may have noticed on marijuana smokers’ clothes.


Hash is made from resin of indica and sativa plant. Resin is dried into hashish block to produce solid but oily substance. It can be smoked in chillum, bong or pipe.

How to identify….

  • Colors range from black to different brown shades to dirty yellowish.
  • Appearance can vary from light and dull or matte to dark and shiny.
  • Texture can be hard and dry to moist and pliable.
  • Hashish has extremely distinctive pungent odor like weed.

Hashish oil

Strongest marijuana form is hashish oil. It is available in sealed plastic bag or tiny bottles. Small amount produces marijuana effects. It can be smoked in pipe or added on joints or cigarettes.


Marijuana is smoked in manually rolled cigarettes popular as spliffs, joints, and dobbies. You can feel the lumpy weed texture through rolling paper. It is one characteristic that differentiates joints from hand-rolled tobacco cigs. Weed, hashish and tobacco can be mixed and this soft, moist preparation can be hand rolled.

Marijuana paraphernalia

Seasoned and heavy marijuana fans own variety of paraphernalia to enjoy their weed. Hashish, hashish oil, and weed can be smoked in bongs, water pipes, and pipes. It can even be blended with tobacco to be smoked in chillum.

Vaping is also used to inhale marijuana. Paraphernalia ranges from homemade simple devices like water pipes designed from soda bottles to ornate and elaborate large sized bongs. Elaborate and large sized bongs are preferred by heavy marijuana users, so be careful if you are in the group.

Marijuana-infused edibles and drinks

Marijuana infused food is popular as edibles. It is a great way of consuming marijuana in the form of cookies, brownies or cakes. It can even be added to different food recipes like herb. It is even available in the form of candies to be sucked and enjoyed.

Hashish oil or hashish can be blended in consumable drinks and milk. To detect marijuana aroma in food is hard because other ingredient might mask its distinctive smell. In addition, the psychoactive effects of marijuana take long to set than other forms but lasts longer and is potent.

Make sure that the source you buy marijuana in any form is reliable!

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