Basics About Weeds for Beginners

The battle of legalizing marijuana for medical or leisure is possible to last for years to come. Establishing same principles evenly across the country is hard, as you have noticed that even if marijuana is legal in several states, federal government can get involved [pro-pot crowds are not friends of the feds]. So, if you are interested in using this legal or illegal substance then as a beginner you need to get familiar with marijuana.

Basics of weeds

Terms you must be aware of

Cannabis – Cannabis plants grow palmate eaves with serrated leaflets. Upper leaves and flowering tops are covered with sticky resin. Cannabis offers psychoactive effects. The THC in it makes users feel ‘high’.

Marijuana – Marijuana is produced from the cannabis plants’ dried flowers and leaves. It is least potent cannabis form. It is smoked in joints or pipes.

Hash [hashish] – Cannabis resin is dried in small blocks and holds high level of THC, so produces stronger effects than marijuana. Usually, blended with tobacco for smoking or eaten in foods [baked cookies].

Hash oil – A thick, golden brown to blackish oily liquid is extracted from the cannabis plant is strongest form. Hash oil is dropped on cigarette paper and smoked.


Active chemical compounds found in the cannabis plants are called cannabinoids. There are minimum 85 types of cannabinoids identified in a cannabis plant. The popular one is THC [psychoactive] and CBD [non-psychoactive].

Medical patients are recommended to use vaporizers, when they are prescribed marijuana for treating their illness like chronic pain, epilepsy, migraines, glaucoma and more. CBD, CBC, CBG, THC, etc. are cannabinoids having medical value and prescribed to patients. Check online dispensary Canada to get high quality weed products.

Indica vs. Sativa

Indica delivers higher and makes you sleepy in couple of hours post smoking. Good for anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Sativa is more optimistic, creative, and delivers cerebral high. After smoking, it spurs the imagination and re-energizes you directly. Smoking close to bedtime can keep you awake.

No dampers

The delivery device for weed has been wither tobacco leaf roll paper to re-rolled sweets. This can cause addiction to nicotine and can kill or dampen the delicious strain taste. No one ever desires to combine champagne with glass of coke and ice.

Identify your medium

  • Several users suggest vaporizers as it eliminates the very skunk smell and inhalation of smoke. However, the high caused due to vaping is less intense and short lasting but is a healthy alternative.
  • Bong or a small water pipe can be rowdy and totally repulsive because more harmful combustion elements get filtered.
  • Exhale smoke instantly to dampen respiratory or lung issues even if you smoke or use bong.
  • Healthy options to smoking are edibles and tinctures.


When you are high, you may feel paranoid. You may feel giggly, the very first time. Weeds actually improves sensory enjoyment. New doors of perception open. You self-observe yourself and actions. Your words echo subtly in your head and your viewpoint is little off-centre.

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